Haunt your home with BOO MINI REPLICAS!

Haunt your home with BOO MINI REPLICAS!

What is more interesting than haunting a home or booing off someone?

Boo Mini Replicas

Wanna visit haunted attractions but running short of money? As simple as you are, as beautiful as you are, as tall as you are (not really), as short as you are (not really again) as the meaning of the word replica goes, our… nope your Boo Mini Replicas reflect your own image. With the help of our qualified craftsmen, we use our every possible way to craft your exact appearances (with a little changes). But we assure you that you would be able to recognize it.


Set a party to foretell

The most important event of Halloween is to throw a party. The party can be filled with games, chocolates, food, champagne, most importantly, your old friends in new spooky costumes. But, do you wanna celebrate it as casual as other parties? Why can’t it be special

 with our Boo Mini Replicas? Yes, buy one, haunt your home with it and then invite them. Have a party like in horror movie. A replica with your head and a spooky body or a jack-o-lantern body or a Jack Skellington body or any evil body would be perfect for a Halloween party. A funny holder of your beautiful body, but it will definitely hold it in style! 

Customize your Replicas

We, Quirkaboo have set a few patterns to carve the replicas. To your surprise, they can be carved according to your wish too. You just have to have one click of you. With your Mini Boo Replicas, you can celebrate October 31st 365 days a year. Not only you, but your loved one too. Your loved one will definitely love it. Let it lead us to our final destination. It is fall and winter is nearing us. But before we enjoy Christmas 2021 we have Halloween 2021 and what else do you want when you have Quirkaboo’s Boo Mini Replicas?

Common, grab yours!


Ann Mary Reilly A