Photo Crystals

6 products

6 products

Reminisce on their fondest memories- A tale to be told, express your deepest feelings for your loved ones with a unique collection of crystal gift items that will create sparks around your loved ones. Some gifts can truly touch the heart, bring out a tear or two and make us remember a particular memory alive. That is the specialty of personalized crystal photo gifts.

Create a magnificent photo personalized Crystal keepsake to honor a friend or family member with our 3D Personalized Tower Photo Crystal. Once you have selected your favorite photo, select your prefered size, upload to our site, and we do the rest. You can add on one to two lines of text engraving that is added at the base of the crystal. 

3D Crystal Blocks

Rectangular crystal blocks are often used for 3D photo crystal portraits and given as gifts for holidays, wedding anniversaries, and birthdays. They also make great corporate gifts for recognition awards, promotional paperweights, and event mementos. Recognize an employee’s deeds or celebrate your loved one’s promotion at work with a personalized 3D crystal engraving. Memorialize those great moments and give the gift of memories. Perfect for every occasion, you will not fail to impress someone with such a generous, unique and thoughtful gift.

3D Crystal Photo Cubes

Due to its simple design, our 3D Photo Crystal Cubes are perfect for 3D portraits, memorial keepsakes or company product and logo promotional pieces. It’s basic yet elegant features showcase the beautiful artwork within. Our cubes are simple enough to be professional, yet extravagant enough to make an amazing award or keepsake.

 3D Crystal Hearts

Express your boundless love with our 3D crystal heart! Through thick and thin, you’ve been there for your loved ones and now is the time to share those sincere feelings. The gorgeous and everlasting 3D crystal heart is perfect for holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas or special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.

 3D Crystal Diamonds 

Our 3D Crystal Diamond shapes have a flattened edge that allows the diamond to stand tall. It can be a wonderful memento to all the beautiful memories that you hold dear. Capture glimpses of your wondrous life and engrave them into dazzling crystal so that they may be remembered forever. You can look back on the days that you lived happily – weddings, game nights, birthdays, nights at the bar, traveling, dances, or anything you wish to remember.

 3D Tower Crystals 

3D Tower Crystals are designed to display your precious image in a tall rectangular photo crystal. It’s a perfect set up for 3D and 2D images. Perfect for 3D portraits, product images, or award logos and text. You can display anything –– reward your employees with a prestigious tower crystal, or have a beloved 3D photograph of a departed family member memorialized in the tall glass photo tower.

 2D Crystal Panels 

If you have a larger image and text idea, our panels are the perfect option. Beautifully supported by a selection of bases, our panels come in 3 different varieties. You can choose a light up panel that includes a timeless wood light base. An economy panel comes with a minimalist, modern design. Or a presentation panel with thick beveled edges, attached to a solid clear crystal base.

  • For optimal viewing experience we highly recommend adding a Custom LED Base to your order