Top 6 Customized Gift Ideas This FRIENDSHIP DAY!

Top 6 Customized Gift Ideas This FRIENDSHIP DAY!


Distance means so little when someone means so much.

Friendship day is around the corner and it makes our hearts skip with joy to see friendship day quotes on everyone’s social media and friendship day gifts in shops. The world has been evolving since the beginning leading to the advancements in technology where the majority of us opt for online shopping rather than visiting stores. And that’s how you’ve ended up with us, Quirkaboo!

Unique Personalized Photo Gifts for Friends:

Friendship is definitely one of the most beautiful bonds in the world. One cannot imagine a life without friends. A friend makes you feel great even when you don’t feel the same about yourself. He/she can uplift your mood in microseconds and make you laugh even in the most impossible situations. They make our lives beautiful by being around us like warm rays of sun giving us hope, joy and a shoulder to cry on when we need one. Shouldn’t this little bunch of your booster be rewarded? This man or lady of your life deserves the best picks of Quirkaboo’s International Friendship Day Gifts 2022.

“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship”, quotes Thomas Aquinas.

#1 Friendship Day Special Table Top Tile Photo Frame In Wooden Box - Personalized Gift for Best Friend. 

Memories in a small box is more than perfect.

Celebrate your friendship day by displaying your favourite friendship memories in a personalized foldable jewel box ceramic tile photo frame gift. A perfect piece for your jewellery lover friend who also loves to keep his or her table neat and clean. Placed in a foldable wooden box, this photo gift helps in tidying up places with his or her perfect crew embellished in a ceramic tile.


#2 3D Woman Customizable Miniature With Acrylic Stand - Best Friend Figurines.

Anything is possible when you have the right people beside you and they will turn out to be your best friends!

Turn your favourite picture into a 3d selfie miniature. Keep your dearest moments and friends close to your heart and hold them in your hands. Yes, convert your favourite photo into a 3D model of your friends, which you can treasure forever on your shelves. This 3D miniature of yourself with your friends is the best and the most unique gift for a Birthday, Anniversary, or simply a keepsake. But, it stands special, especially on Friendship Day. This handmade 3-dimensional miniature is made out of sandstone and is mounted on an acrylic stand varying in sizes from 3 to 12 inches. This high-quality material thus acts as a store for your long-lasting memories.

#3 Personalized Rectangular 3D Photo Engraved Crystal With LED Base - 3D Friendship Photo Crystals.

The most valuable gift you can receive is an honest friend.

Turn your loving memories into the most stunning keepsakes. Personalize this 3D rectangular crystal with the engravings of wonderful moments with your besties with a heartfelt message that is sure to bring a glow to your personal space and into your heart. Personalize this 3D rectangle crystal with your favourite BFF photo. You can also add texts which will be engraved till the waist. This high-quality 3D engraved crystal glass comes with a base stand with 3 LED lights.

#4 Personalized Best Friends Polaroid Acrylic Photo Gift With Wooden Stand - Customized Gifts for Best Friends


Friends aren’t the ones who run away when you are in trouble but are the ones who stay in those hard times.

In the sweetness of friendship, let there be laughter and sharing of joys. Capture all those sweetest moments with your friends and gift them those lovely moments using this personalized polaroid photo gift that induces gifts that add a touch of memories. This handmade product is crafted out of acrylic material with a sturdy wooden stand. The item comes with packaging suitable for gifting them to your friends which is available in two sizes.

#5 Personalized Portable Magic Mirror with Photo Display - Photo Gifts for Friends.

Friends offer free therapy.

Best friends are forever and friendship is one of the great things in this universe that cannot be described in words. Bring a smile to your friends with this beautiful personalized photo frame. It functions as a mirror when it’s off and when turned on it shows the portrait. After connecting to power, the mirror will glow with an LED light at night. It’s a photo frame in disguise as a magic mirror. This round-shaped mirror will glow with your customized photo. This frame comes with a USB cable and battery slots (batteries not included) to power up.

#6 Personalized Twin Friends Caricature Photo Gift with Wooden Stand -Friends Caricature.

Double trouble dynamic duo! Twins are miracles that come in pairs so are the celebrations and so are the gifts. Twins needn't be biological! Any friend who resembles your wishes and desires and practices or contradicts the same can also be twins, not literally. Personalize this caricature with photos of your favourite twins and gift them to make it a special memory. This handmade product is made of acrylic. The caricature comes with a sturdy wooden stand. This unique personalized item measures 7- inches. This item, fortunately, comes with packaging suitable for gifting.

"A friend may be waiting behind a stranger’s face", quotes Maya Angelou.

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